Oswin Oswald Cosplay

Check out this timelapse video! I made my dress for my Oswin Oswald costume I wore at Comic-Con 2013.

Costume details:
I got a red double knit from Michael Levine’s. I based the shape of the dress pattern on a dress I already had, just to make my life easier. I also already had a sleeve pattern. But I realized at Comic Con that the dress is actually a raglan sleeve. I want to fix it at some point.
Shoes: found online on Nordtrom’s
Socks: Red with white stripes from American Eagle
Belt: didn’t have enough time to finish it, borrow the utility belt from my prop-maker friend who also built my River Song gun for me. And if you’re reading this, you need to get your ass going on making that YouTube channel that’s all about prop-building because then I can link to you when I show people my cool costumes.
Wig: found at a wig store in the Fashion District in LA. Was going to use my own hair but I got super tired of it being long and cut it all off. Flower was in my stock of hair things.